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Random fan(?)account about Jinyoung

Previously in one of the live broadcasts, a fan from another fandom queued up in the wrong queue and so was in the BANA audience. She already felt a bit awkward sitting there, so actually helping to support another artist was even more awkward. She planned to just sit there and watch quietly….

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"From now on we'll take over" Jinyoung Zico - the next generation of composing-dols


OSEN: “이제 우리가 접수!” 진영-지코 차세대 작곡돌 떴다

Writer Lee Hye Rin l 2014.07.26 11:30

Starting from Big Bang’s G-Dragon, to Beast’s Yong Joon Hyung and CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa being recognized in the music industry for their own musicality, however the next generation is also slowly emerging. No.1 on…

[ARTICLE/TRANS] “From now on we’ll take over” Jinyoung Zico - the next generation of composing-dols | ©B1A4wa-hamkke

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