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B1A4 Good night call 

[original post: arron布丁 ; eng trans: @B1A4_UK]

t/n: I’ve translated the post just as it is, the “I” or “me” refers to the author of the original post

#B1A4##Sandeul# Just finished the phone call with Sandeul.. really TT^TT TT^TT Gonna go crazy. When he called my name.. just my name without the surnamne TT^TT TT^TT I’m happy to death TT^TT I was too excited and forget to say fighting in tomorrow’s fan meet TT^TT

[author of this post is too excited throughout the whole phone call it’s a mix of English, Korean and Chinese… so I’m a bit embarrassed to put the audio up, also the sound is a bit quiet… I’ll go home and see if I can extract Sandeul’s speaking parts and upload it…]

I’m insanely happy, Sandeul’s voice is really TTTT I can’t sleep

At that time they picked Jinyoung or Sandeul, so I didn’t know who to expect until tonight, and I was anticipating even more for Deuldeul~

I was so nervous I waited for the phone call from 11pm, the signal wasn’t too good in my room so I ran to the hotel hall. Loudly. Crying whilst on the phone others probably thought I was crazy?

I picked up the phone and heard “Yeoboseyo? (Hello?)” and immediately asked, “Sandeul oppa?”

He replied, “Ne (yes), I’m Sandeul”

Then I went crazy, I thought about a lot of things to say but couldn’t say any of them!! And just went, “Ahhhhhh oppa oppa oppa oppa” wasting time I couldn’t say anything in Chinese or KOrean!

Me: I am xxx
Sandeul: xx-ah~
Me: Yes~

Then I said, “Oppa! I’m going completely crazy!”
Sandeul, “Mwo? (What?) What did you say?
Sandeul, “Oh, you’re crazy right now?”
Me: Ne (yes) TTT
(Then I heard the laughter from Sandeul’s team mates next to him…)
Me: I went to the airport today
Sandeul: Today you went to the airport?
Me: Yes! Oppa is totally awesome! Popularity, your popularity is really no joke
Sandeul: kekekekeke
Me: You just went to the beach?
He didn’t understand so I repeated in Chinese
Sandeul: Ah~ Did you go to the beach too?
Me: I saw the photos but unfortunately I didn’t go…

After this it’s a mess

Me: Oppa, you are really cute, but in Go!B1A4 you said you were the Asia Justin Bieber.. no matter how you put it it’s still not the same…
He didn’t understand what I said
Sandeul: Mwo? Mwo? (What? What?)
Translator explained to him
Sandeul: …..haha
Me: recently your favourite Yeeun eonnie released a new song, have you listened to it?

He probably didn’t understand, I used Chinese and translator said she didn’t know Yenny, I said Wonder Girls’ Yenny

Sandeul probably heard at this point and he said, “Ah~ I’ve heard it”
Translator: He said he heard it, and it’s a really good album
Me: Cna you please sing “짝사랑 (crush)” for me I really like it

Then Sandeul sang the whole chorus for me, it was SO GOOD!!

Me: Immortal Song 2…
Translator: What about Immortal Song 2?
Me: “잊혀진 계절 (Forgotten Season)” is so touching I cried
Sandeul got really excited, “Ah! 고마워 (thank you)” and said thank you in Chinese (Xie xie) twice!
Then he said, “xx-ah~ (he said my name again!) it’s near the end~”
Me: Ah!!! No!!! Can you please sing Good night for me?
He probably didn’t hear it clearly and said good night (in english) and “wan-an” (good night in Chinese) to me.
Me: Oppa good night
Sandeul: Bye bye~ (in Chinese)

[original post: arron布丁 ; eng trans: @B1A4_UK] Please take out with credits!

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[Random Acc] What are BANAs to Sandeul?


[Question] Sandeul, what is the most important thing to you?
[Qu] Then what do you like the best?
[SD] Also BANAs
[Qu] To Sandeul what is BANAs’ existence?
[SD] An existence I can’t swap for anything else
[Qu] BANAs are this important~!
[SD] Yes, BANAs’ existence is something I can’t exchange even with my life

[source: b1a4_storybook_whisper ; eng: @B1A4_UK]

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